A Blast From the Past

“I have laptop and desktop computers spanning several generations of technology, and each afternoon this week I brought a different one to the TechDen to assess whether the hardware still worked and what files might still be on them. With Christian and Rachel’s help I was able to move through the long-deferred task of backing everything up to external drives. Only one dinosaur of a machine — my 1993 Macintosh PowerBook (yes, Macintosh not Mac), with total internal memory of 10 MB (yes, MB not GB) — could not be resurrected, RIP. But the MacBook and iMac (15-20 years old) both performed like elder rock stars! It’s an open space and some folks even asked to sit for pictures with these exotic visitors from the past. Thank you, TechDen!”

Sylvia Sukop, MFA, MA

PhD Student, Germanic Languages and Literatures

Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Fellow
Washington University in St. Louis

IMAC G4 – 2002
1993 Macintosh PowerBook

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