Why am I required to have a laptop?

WashU students are required to have a laptop that meets or exceeds the minimum laptop specifications for their class or school.

It is important that you are able to do schoolwork remotely. You will use your laptop to take notes in class and study on or off campus.

Can I just use the laptop I already have?

You can use a laptop you already have as long as it meets or exceeds the minimum laptop specifications for your school and classes.

Why should I purchase from WashU Campus Store?

While it is not required that you purchase a laptop through the WashU Campus Store, we have worked with vendors to offer you a discount which results in a better price-point than retail.

The laptop packages offered from the WashU Campus Store have been specifically created based on class and/or schools’ minimum requirements.

The laptop packages are a combination of the best-built laptops on the market with an all-inclusive package.

When should I place my order?

You can place your order starting at the beginning of August through October. You can choose to have the computer shipped to you or schedule a pick up time at the WashU Campus Store. After you place your order, a representative from the Campus Store will contact you to arrange a pick-up time.

How do I order?
  1. Review your school’s recommendations on this website.
  2. Visit the WashU Campus Store.
  3. Find the laptop that is the best fit for you and your program.
  4. Hover over the laptop’s photo and select “add to bag.”
  5. On the next screen select “view bag and checkout.”

How do I pay?

The WashU Campus Store accepts many forms of payment including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit and the BearBucks Campus Card. Financial Aid/Scholarships are other ways you can pay for your laptop.

In addition, some students qualify for a technology/laptop grant for the University which can be used to help pay for laptops. More information is available at the Financial Aid Office’s website.

What are the warranty requirements?

WashU requires that you purchase a 3-year warranty with your laptop. The WashU Campus Store laptop models linked to from this site meet the University Minimum Requirements and are already priced to include this warranty.

If you purchase a different model, either through the Campus Store or elsewhere, you will need to make sure you are purchasing a 3-year warranty.

Is technology assistance available for graduate students and University College students?

Graduate, professional and University College students in need of funding for technology support needs may direct requests to their School or Department financial aid representative for consideration.

How do I get software for my laptop?

Students should visit OnTheHub for software.

Will I be able to print from my laptop?

Students can use PaperCut WebPrint, a web-based tool which allows students to print from their own laptops to printers across campus. While you can send your document to a print queue while you are off-campus, please note that you will need to physically swipe your ID card at the on-campus printer in order for your document to print.

PaperCut compatible print release stations are located in the Olin Library and the Danforth University Center.

For residential students, printing is also available at these locations.

Can I purchase an iPad with my technology grant?

IT leadership at each of the schools has identified specs and operating systems that best meet the minimum requirements for students in their programs. While an iPad is a very useful device in many situations, it has not been identified by school IT leaders as adequate for the primary computing needs of students in their programs. The financial assistance offered by the university is designed to meet those primary computing needs as identified by the schools.

Which applications used by WashU are restricted by certain countries?

Visit the Overseas Technology Access webpage for a breakdown of which applications are restricted by which country and what options are available.