The mission of Tech Den is to enhance the academic and campus experience for graduate/professional students and non-residential undergrad students through advanced technology. To achieve this mission, Tech Den focuses on four main key goals:

  1. Advocate for Tailored Technology Solutions: Tech Den advocates for students to have access to cutting-edge software, hardware, technology, and digital tools to enhance their academic and research pursuits.
  2. Forge Collaborative Partnerships: Tech Den builds and maintains strong ties with academic departments and campus partners, integrating technology seamlessly into the student experience.
  3. Facilitate Clear Communication: Tech Den communicates essential information about tech resources and services to graduate students and staff, ensuring everyone can maximize available tools.
  4. Continuously Enhance Services: Tech Den monitors and improves its services, ensuring top-notch technological support for students’ advanced academic endeavors.

Tech Den is committed to continuing to improve our sustainability efforts. Visit for more information.