The STaRS Program’s mission is to connect Washington University students with an interest in technology to hiring departments that need technology support. By working with STaRS, students get valuable on campus work experience and increase their technical proficiencies, and campus partners are connected with talented students and manage them in the workplace.

STaRS members are full time or part time WashU students in good academic standing. It is not necessary to major in engineering or computer science to work in STaRS and we engage with students from all disciplinary backgrounds. STaRS students apply skills learned in class in a real work environment.

STaRS students are part-time employees of the hiring department where the position is listed.  Additionally, STaRS students are some of the best paid student employees on campus, with jobs exceeding $12.10/hr and increasing with experience. Some departments may also offer full-time positions during the summer. We partner with a variety of hiring departments on every Wash U. campus–Danforth, Medical School, North and West.

Note: We recognize that students’ main focus are their studies. STaRS applicants must be students with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA in good academic and judicial standing.

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