Tech Den provides technology services to the Washington University student community, with a focus on graduate/professional and non-residential students. We support these students in the use of core technologies, including laptop purchasing guidance, laptop repairs/loaners, network connectivity, email, printing, and software support.

Contact us for any of these services.

Hardware and System

  • Virus/malware removal
  • Data backup
  • Operating system reinstalls
  • Hardware diagnostics
    • Onsite repair on Dell and Apple computers that are under warranty
  • Configuring laptops and mobile devices to connect to the University network and email system
  • Laptop Lending:
    • Students who check in a personal computer at the Tech Den Service Desk for troubleshooting that will require overnight work may borrow a laptop for the period of time that their device is checked in
    • Mac and Dell PCs are available
    • Students will be asked to sign a form accepting financial responsibility for loss or damage of loaned equipment
    • Students must return all Tech Den equipment when they pick up their personal machine

Walk-in access is available for in-person support, machine drop offs and pick-ups.

Network Connectivity

We are here to help students with connection issues.

Instructions for connecting to campus WiFi, campus wired network and Eduroam.

Application Support

We provide student support for enterprise supported software; Outlook, Box, Adobe, etc.

For an overview of student-used applications, visit our resources page at

3D Printing

The Tech Den operates a 3D printing service with several different printers. The service is designed for non-residential and graduate students and can be used for personal or school projects.

For additional information, please visit our 3D printing page.

While we provide support for most technology-related problems students may experience, certain things fall outside the scope of our service. This includes:

  • Support for personal printers and desktop computers
  • Setup or support of routers
  • Setting up servers
  • Cable TV Support