DevSTAC stands as an innovative and interdisciplinary group of student employees specializing in the integration of cutting-edge technology to satisfy the clients’ needs.

Functioning as a liaison for WashU clients and external clients, DevSTAC offers an array of services aimed at creating optimal technological solutions. Some examples of services are app development, meticulous debugging, efficient project management, captivating graphic design, and engaging digital content creation.

The hallmark of DevSTAC lies in the remarkable track record of successful collaborations. Renowned clients such as Uber and various esteemed research organizations have benefited from our exceptional service, resulting in the production of top-tier technological products.

This initiative not only propels the adoption of emerging technologies but also cultivates a unique learning environment for students. Through hands-on involvement in projects of significance, students gain invaluable real-world experience. The partnerships forged by DevSTAC bridge the gap between academia and industry, showcasing the transformative potential of technology in a tangible manner.