Bridging Academia and Industry: DevSTAC’s Interdisciplinary Excellence Shines in their Latest Project, WashU GPT Test Report

In 2016, the IT Director Dr. Sherry Holmes launched DevSTAC program, an interdisciplinary group of student employees who can be hired to develop and integrate emerging technology to satisfy the client’s needs, in hopes of bridging the gap between the academics in real-life work experience in technology for students. The DevSTAC members found the program […]

ATTENTION: Nationwide carrier outage impacting phone services

AT&T users are currently experiencing intermittent cellular service, impacting cellular devices such as mobile phones and table. Some Verizon and T-mobile users have reported having issues with calling as well. We advise students that are affected by the outage  to enable and use Wi-Fi calling when possible until the issue is resolved. If you need […]

Be Beary Aware of the false COVID-19 contact tracing emails (Links to an external site)

The Office of Information Security has identified a trend in which criminals send members of our community false COVID-19 contact tracing emails with a malicious link. They hope a victim will click the link and give their WashU credentials. In this scam, hackers use a compromised email address from Brown University to send phishing emails. […]

ATTENTION: Changes to DUO 2FA Coming on November 20th

Mark your calendars, WUIT announced that there will be changes coming to DUO 2FA on November 20th in attempts to battle nefarious IT attacks. This change will impact all systems and services which currently require DUO Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). How is DUO 2FA changing on November 20? Please visit DUO 2FA Changes for details. Why is DUO 2FA […]

Attention: WUIT announces a newly revamped caller verification process

A WashU IT Message to Our University Community: In a planned and intentional effort to enhance the security posture of our institution and further protect us from nefarious actors, the WashU IT Service Desk has implemented an improved Caller Verification Process for incidents that require validation of the caller’s identity, such as password reset requests. […]

Empowering Innovators: HackWashU 2023 Unleashes Creativity and Ingenuity

In the heart of WashU engineering school, a recently started two-day annual event October 14th to 15th), HackWashU electrifies the campus with a fervor of innovation and creativity. HackWashU is a hackathon hosted at WashU that transforms the campus into a bustling hub of inventive energy, where students from diverse backgrounds converge to explore the […]

4th Grader Students Learn About 3D Printing

Few weeks ago, we had a Parent Team Mentor for a 4th grade First Lego League Robotics Team at Covenant Christian School in Town and Country reached out to us to visit 3D printing program at WashU. The 4th graders at the Covenant Christian School have voted to study 3D printers as part of their season this […]

Reminder: Microsoft applications may require users to reauthenticate on 10/20th (Links to an external site)

On the evening of October 20, WashU IT will enhance the university’s cloud-based Microsoft services. As a result, users may see authentication (login) prompts on Microsoft applications such as Teams, Outlook, Office, and OneDrive on their devices. These prompts are expected. Completing the WUSTL Key authentication process will restore service for those applications.

DI2 visits Tech Den

The Digital Transformation coffee hours hosted each Thursday on the Danforth Campus during the academic year spawned a collaborative interest between Digital Transformation and the Tech Den, which provides technology services to the Washington University student community with a focus on graduate/professional and non-residential students. The Digital Transformation implementation team recently got a tour of the TechDen, complete with […]

Building a Gaming Desktop

Today at Tech Den a client came in requesting assistance with disassembling his old desktop and moving the parts to his new desktop(building a new desktop). Our technician Rachel assisted the client and stepped in when needed. The end results were amazing. The new desktop was functional and the client was ecstatic and extremely satisfied […]

Tech Updates for #WashU23

With graduation just around the corner you may be wondering what will happen to your email account, WUSTL Box account,  Zoom and a couple other tech-related resources. Here’s some need to know information: Office 365: email and apps Your email account will remain active indefinitely after you graduate. This means you will keep […]

Job Posting Scam

Job scams that target students are on the rise. As you may already know from reading our Scam of the Month posts, hackers can and will target you by impersonating a university employee looking to hire a student worker. Often, these scams will reach you via email or your cell phone number. When the hacker reaches out […]

Student Tech Services (STS): 3D Printing, the Virtual Experience and Gaming Advances Among Tech Trends Tracked at Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

From Sony to Samsung, LG to Amazon, Tesla to BMW, and more, companies introduced the latest and greatest emerging tech trends during the recent Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Tech Den and Student Technology Services (STS) managers, Peeti Sithiyopasakul and Scott Markovich returned to WashU with insights into what is new and exciting, […]

September 29: Phishing Emails

InfoSec Alert: Phishing AttemptThere is a targeted phishing attempt going around that is impacting students. WUIT InfoSec is aware and has mitigated the issue.Please don’t click on any links and report phishing attempts via the “phish alert” button in outlook. You can visit the WashU InfoSec website for more information (…/using-the…/).